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Half-Eaten Brisket Takes a Bite out of Fine Arts Fest


Senior Ramot always offers up some fine musical talent every year, and this year was no exception, with the super-group Half-Eaten Brisket (feat. members of Upside Left, Adam Weber Grill, and others) rocking the Fine Arts Fest with their interpretation of the Coldplay/Beyonce song Hymn for the Weekend.

When asked about their history in an interview, they said: "We like cows and instrumental bicycles. Every single one of us has six jobs and we do not get tired. We like Tooth Tunes, and we respect those who put new bin liners in bins. ⅛ of Half Eaten Brisket is tongue tied. We got our inspiration from Mas Queso. This is a failed attempt at reviving UpsideLeft." Members include Griffdawg847, Zader, Scooby, Miker Hum, T-Swizz, E. Kole, E. Lit, and I-Man.

Check out their inspirational Fine Arts Fest performance below, and stream/download both the live mp3 of their song, but also the special studio sneak-out edition!

Jonny Marks, Zach Dickson, Griffin Topel, Ethan Litvin, Ethan Kolesky, Trey Schwartz, Isaac Claar, Mike Rhum

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