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This is the website dedicated to the rock bands of B'nai B'rith Beber Camp in Mukwonago, WI. It documents their meteoric rise to fame, legendary recording sessions, and epic concert performances.

For more information about Beber Camp, please visit or to setup a tour, call the summer office at 800-803-CAMP.

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Live Band Highlights from Beberfest Sessions 1 & 2!

BeberFest may be the lesser-known music festival around these parts, but it attracts rabid fans eager to press up against the stage and hear some of their favorite up and coming bands. Check out some highlights!


Ady'n and the 3 Last Names - Wonderwall

Sweet Child o’ Mine

Not Again - Livin on a Prayer


Free Empanadas - Livin on a Prayer

The Grateful Living - Mr. Brightside

We Will Rock You


Shotgun (Acoustic)

This coffee house acoustic version of the camp classic, “Shotgun”, will blow you away. Sophie Ripes and her mother took the studio by storm this year at Family Camp. Enjoy the good vibes of this sweet tune.


$15.72 Rockumentary and FAF Performance Is OUT NOW!

A story 4 years in the making - this is the documentary film detailing the meteoric rise of the band $15.72 - their history, their legacy, their successes and failures are all here. This film includes a complete live concert video of their now-legendary Fine Arts Fest performance as well as interviews, rare rehearsal footage, and so much more.

Both studio and live versions of their hit song are available below to stream and/or download. Plus concert poster and band photos!


There's a Robin Hood Kangaroo...

Hi! We are Ethan Stone and Harry Shapiro, or the Twisted Fates. We are from across the country, but that doesn’t stop us from working together. Here at 3BC, we can work with many kinds of people. Together, we make a duo that no one can match. We are two very different people. Because of this duo, we don’t have to worry about these differences.

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 4.48.23 PM.png

Home Away from Home Original Song

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 7.02.51 PM.png

When 6 campers got together last week with the goal of writing a completely original song that could potentially be used in a promotional camp video, we didn’t know what would happen - would their ideas all gel, would they be able to come up with original melodies and lyrics that really worked?

5 hobby days later and we have one of the best songs ever written and produced in a Songwriting hobby. It perfectly encapsulates camp in a way that everyone can relate to.

Enjoy this song written by Ramot campers Ella, Jenna, Jessy, Trevor, Gabe, and Riley, along with CIT Teddy.

3BC ROX !!!

We all love Shotgun, so let’s add a Beber twist! Our band name is 3BC Rox, because 3BC really does rock! We are the champions of the Shotgun dance. Enjoy our song and music video!

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 2.21.26 PM.png


Hello everybody! This is the Dream Team! We have worked so hard to make “Beberita”, a cover of Señorita. We have made this song to save the Beber rocks website! We hope it helps. Our names are …Juicy Fruit (Ada), J money (Josie), Syl D (Sylvia D) and the Rock (Joely).

Catch us live at the Fine Arts Fest!

Catch us live at the Fine Arts Fest!

ASMR is soothing your ears

Our names are Abigail (I go by Abi) and Anne Miriam Weinberg. We spent months working on this one song that we didn’t even create ourselves. Don’t blame it on us- we were sick when we sang this. Enjoy!~

A bi & Anne Miriam   S inging   M alevolent   R aps

Abi & Anne Miriam




Gabi's Earth

It’s your boy, just one of the Beberites down here. Well, I could be more specific. Uh, I’m a human, and I just wanted to, you know, for the sake of all of us Beberites out here on Lake Beulah, just wanted to say….

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 2.11.05 PM.png

Not Kosher Brings Home the Bacon


Straight outta T3 comes a brand new rock band that will please your ears with their fresh take on classic tunes. They just released their debut single “Jessie’s Girl” (studio recording below), and they shocked a crowd at Beber’s hottest after-hours dance party when they came on stage totally unannounced to test their new material in front of an awestruck audience. We obtained the footage before TMZ did, check it out below, along with their epic performance at Fine Arts Fest 2019!

Not Kosher made a completely unscheduled appearance at a late-night club!

An unforgettable Fine Arts Fest performance.

PLUS - stream and download the audio from their FAF set, along with the studio version of their song.

Beber Camp Music 2018