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This is the website dedicated to the rock bands of B'nai B'rith Beber Camp in Mukwonago, WI. It documents their meteoric rise to fame, legendary recording sessions, and epic concert performances.

For more information about Beber Camp, please visit or to setup a tour, call the summer office at 800-803-CAMP.

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Tomorrow is the day that some new and old rockstars arrive!!! We are super excited to get to work! 

I personally have been at camp for 6 weeks now, making sure Crown Hall is ready to handle all that is awesome. It has started to have a makeover and we will be working through the summer to continue its transformation into the true home of music. 

This summer our team will consist of:

Hunter Borowick - A Rock god already at the age of 18. He will be heading up a lot of the Rock Band hobbies and Songleading. He is going to be rad!

Ethan Herman - From the UK, Ethan has a lot of knowledge in the recording stuido and can't wait to put together the latest hits for the summer with his partner in crime:

Charlie Box - Also from the UK, Charlie studied in the University of Derby (Where I also studied) and has just finished and is ready to apply all of his skills in making the hottest phat tracks that every camper will want to hear! 

Eddie Hochman - A true legend at camp, leading guitar lessons and helping run rock band. He is all for leading the next generation of rockstars! He has returned for his second year on the team and is so ready to be back!

Russell Wiener - This man requires no introduction. I am not worthy.

Myself, Will Jarvis - I can't wait for the campers to arrive, 5 years on staff, 3 as the Music Director. It is going to awesome and I am so lucky to have such a strong team!

See ya tomorrow!

Birkat Boys Sing it High, Sing it Low


It’s the Birkat Boys Hamazon, a lot of rockin’ and a lot of roll. We’re gonna scream it HIGH and sing it low. Then we’re gonna do some rock and roll, it’s the Birkat Boys, Birkat Hamazon.

Check out their epic performance of the classic "Smoke on the Water" on the Island at Taste of Beber festival below, and stream/download the live mp3!

Members: Parker Feder, Paxton Feder, Ben Smith, Spencer Oshins

Half-Eaten Brisket Takes a Bite out of Fine Arts Fest


Senior Ramot always offers up some fine musical talent every year, and this year was no exception, with the super-group Half-Eaten Brisket (feat. members of Upside Left, Adam Weber Grill, and others) rocking the Fine Arts Fest with their interpretation of the Coldplay/Beyonce song Hymn for the Weekend.

When asked about their history in an interview, they said: "We like cows and instrumental bicycles. Every single one of us has six jobs and we do not get tired. We like Tooth Tunes, and we respect those who put new bin liners in bins. ⅛ of Half Eaten Brisket is tongue tied. We got our inspiration from Mas Queso. This is a failed attempt at reviving UpsideLeft." Members include Griffdawg847, Zader, Scooby, Miker Hum, T-Swizz, E. Kole, E. Lit, and I-Man.

Check out their inspirational Fine Arts Fest performance below, and stream/download both the live mp3 of their song, but also the special studio sneak-out edition!

Jonny Marks, Zach Dickson, Griffin Topel, Ethan Litvin, Ethan Kolesky, Trey Schwartz, Isaac Claar, Mike Rhum

Mary's Little Lambs Throw Beber Back to 1985!


When asked about their band history, Mary's Little Lambs said simply: “We were all slaves in Israel. Then Ron Kaplan came and split the Red Sea, leading us to the holy land that is Beber Camp.”

Their background may be mysterious, but their live performance headlining Fine Arts Fest certainly wasn't - as the whole camp was there pressed against the stage rockin' out! Check out their epic set below, and stream/download the live mp3 too!

Band Members:

Lucy Heller, Sophie Ehudin, Sarah Rhum, Sari Shade, Emma Kolesky, Molly Melinger, Nicole Kovitz, Alex Dayan, Carly Kabot

Not Senior Ramot has their Not Senior Moment


Not Senior Ramot took Beber by storm, not only with their electrifying performance of the camp classic "Don't Stop Believing" at the Fine Arts Fest, but also with their hit single of that song, recorded at a clandestine late-night session following their performance.

You can watch the performance below, as well as stream and download their live AND studio versions of the song. Enjoy!

Members: Zoe Berlinger, Claire Schwartz, Sophie Cohen

Acidic Amphibians Close Out Taste of Beber Fest


This band is the best band that has ever existed in the entire history of bands on land and water! #stringbeans4life #frittata

Check out their performance video from Taste of Beber music festival below! You can also stream and download the audio from their performance.

Meet the Band:

Jamie Callahan (Bowed Mudpuppy): Keyboard

Ari Zusel (Golden Girl): vocals

Victoria Schuberg (Mudskipper) : drums

Ella Rubinstein (Marbled Salamander): guitar

Jake Heald (Jacoby Jones): guitar

Cici Miovic (Mountain Chicken): bass

Eidan Eliasoff (Emperor Newt): guitar

The Guac Sisters Rock the Taste of Beber with an Epic Performance

The Guac Sisters are the latest craze in rock an roll at Beber Camp. They made their official debut as the headline act at Taste of Beber, and won multitudes of fans with their high-energy set.

Guac Sisters poster.jpg

Guac Sisters come from the year 3000. Their parents are avocados. Unfortunately they were made into guacamole, but the member of the band still like eating guacamole.

They came back in time to perform this song for Beber Camp because no one in the 21st century has heard it yet!

Check out their fantastic performance below, as well as mp3 downloads of the live recording AND a studio recording made in the legendary Crown Hall recording studio.

Noa, Alex, Cydney, Lucy, Sophie, Arielle, Julia

The Birkat Boys

It’s the Birkat Boys Hamazon, a lot of rockin’ and a lot of roll. We’re gonna scream it HIGH and sing it low. Then we’re gonna do some rock and roll, it’s the Birkat Boys, Birkat Hamazon.

Starring: Parker Feder, Paxton Feder, Ben Smith, Spencer Oshins and, Sam Bellows


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