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This is the website dedicated to the rock bands of B'nai B'rith Beber Camp in Mukwonago, WI. It documents their meteoric rise to fame, legendary recording sessions, and epic concert performances.

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Get to know SQUAD GOALS

We are excited to be working with the up-and-coming band Squad Goals here at Beber Camp.

They recorded their first single, "Say it Ain't So" and played it live at the Taste of Beber festival!

Made up of members Mollywood, Happy, BenYonce and Vesuvius, they all met randomly at Coachella music festival, all holding instruments, and some kids nearby were overheard saying "that band is SO cool! Totally squad goals!" At that moment the four decided to form a band and had their first band meeting on the spot to finalize Squad Goals as the name.

Below are their studio and live recordings, along with a rare behind-the-scenes rehearsal video!

Beber Camp Music 2018