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This is the website dedicated to the rock bands of B'nai B'rith Beber Camp in Mukwonago, WI. It documents their meteoric rise to fame, legendary recording sessions, and epic concert performances.

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Mediocre at Best

Mediocre at Best is the latest and greatest rock band to come across Beber Camp soil. The band consists of four members named Isaiah, Moses, Shlomo, and Ishmael. 

Isaiah was traveling the country on a spirit mission with her spirit animal hedgehog when she finally found Moses. Moses was in a cardboard box; of all places! She took her in as her own and they never looked back. Isaiah is from the planet Mars and her favorite thing to do is sing for her band: Mediocre at Best. 

Moses is from the planet Pluto. She fell from the sky in her cardboard box with her bass at her side. She sat there for 13 years playing her bass whenever she could. Isaiah finally came across her and picked her up and took her in as one of her own. Today, her famous cardboard box has gone missing and she is deeply saddened. The box's whereabouts are still a mystery today.

Shlomo and Ishmael are brothers that grew up in a kibbutz in northern Israel. They are very close with each other. Ishmael is one and a half years older than Shlomo. They used to have daily competitions to see who is the better brother. What came out of those battles can be described as pure rock and roll. Their favorite activity to do in their free time is geocaching!

All together, these four people make up Mediocre at Best!

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