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This is the website dedicated to the rock bands of B'nai B'rith Beber Camp in Mukwonago, WI. It documents their meteoric rise to fame, legendary recording sessions, and epic concert performances.

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Trap Kings in da Shower Feat. Feleesha McNodles


A-A-Ron Yo (AKA Aaron Peskin) - A-A-Ron comes from the ocean. He was the prince of the under water society. One day, an iPod fell into the sea, he heard the iPod music, and it exploded. He decided he liked the music, grew wings, flew out of the ocean, and became a rockstar.

Jono (AKA Jonah Lefkoff) - Jono is from the jungle. When his leader fell out of a tree, he got really sad and ran away to the big apple. Not New York, he just hid inside of a large fruit. In the apple, he found a society of gangster worms who were trapping. Ever since then, he has been trapping with da worm homies.

Tyrie Kyrie Phinnophia (AKA Phin Goldman) - Tyrie is from the south side of Chicago. He plays cello with his friends at McDonalds on 79th and Stoney Island on week nights. One day, he was in the shower with his cello. The trap came in and exploded his cello. He became a true shower trap member that day. He had to drop his terrible McDonalds habits, so he went to Burger King, where he met A-A-Ron Yo and Jono.

Feleesha McNodles (AKA Zoe Berlinger) - Feleesha is from Los Angeles, California. She works  at Disney Land. She sings in the Mickey Mouse play with Colleen Ballinger. She likes to eat noodles!

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