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This is the website dedicated to the rock bands of B'nai B'rith Beber Camp in Mukwonago, WI. It documents their meteoric rise to fame, legendary recording sessions, and epic concert performances.

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Munchin' Lunch Bunch

We are the Munchin’ Lunch Bunch, and there are five of us. J’Michael (Jamie), Waffle (Sylvie), Syrup (Maya), Strawberry (Gabby), and Snickers (Zoe). We love food, eating, and meals. We hope you enjoy our original song about Stomach Aches! Wait to hear more songs from the Munchin’ Lunch Bunch.

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 11.33.43 AM.png

Sandhill Crane Nests at Beber

At long last the most talked-about Fine Arts Fest performance of 1st Session 2019 has been released on home video! Watch and listen/stream their performance below, and see the earlier updates and videos below that!

An update to the post below - The Little Engine that Could left the band last week. Since then they have been spotted entering a late-night recording session and we have gotten our hands on a leaked rehearsal video and an official poster not yet released. We will let you know when we obtain a copy of the new single. UPDATE: NEW SINGLE LEAKED! Here it is below for stream and download. Final mix? Dunno!

Leaked recording session video - Crown Hall

Leaked official poster for upcoming concert

Leaked rehearsal video at Farmhouse Studios

If you keep up on the Beber BFN’s (Band Formation Notices) you know that the Pio rock band Sandhill Crane has officially applied for their rock and roll license, and was even spotted backstage in Crown Hall. What will they do? How far will they take their dreams? Time will tell. But for now… just keep your eyes and ears open for more from these 9 musicians - who go by DJ Matzo Ball, Market Failure, MichaLangelo, String Theory, Orkinsas, The Little Engine that could, Cracky, and Ripley & the Bey Blades.


The Black Cats

We are the Black Cats! Our names are Maya (aka Baby cat), Vivienne (aka Ginger Mama cat), Gabby (aka Spicy Cat), and Rachel (aka Lazy Cat). We had special help making this album from Charlie (aka suspicious box cat), Julia (Sporty Cat), and Izaak (aka Scary Cat). We hope you enjoy our single, “Cats Hopes”. Written by the Black Cats. This song is about two mamma cats and two baby cats, and their hopes and dreams. Enjoy!

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Shalom Rome says Shalom BeberFest!

We were all gladiators in ancient Rome, we were sentenced to death, but then Leo was banging on the jail cell and made a rhythm that sounded cool, and the Romans liked it so they let us all out on the condition we’ll play music forever. Our music was so good, one time we broke the time-space continuum and ended up in 2018 AC in Wisconsin. Our music was remembered from back then and we were accepted as heroes. They’ll remember us for centuries! (In other words, check out their amazing Fine Arts Fest performance and download their live and studio recordings now!

Penny and Emerson

Our names are Penny and Emerson. We are from Deerfield and River Forest, IL. We both love to play banana grams. Our song is about 3BC and summer camp. We are both 9 years old and in 02 rice. We hope you enjoy our song!

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Flying Bananas

We're the Flying Bananas! Our names our Lyric and Adam and we come from planet Poprica...we think. We LOVE cards. We wake up really early and play with rubiks cubes. Our song is a parody of "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People. It is about cards and we hope you enjoy it!



We are MFC (Mukwonago Fried Chicken). We are from Mukwonago, Wisconsin. Our favorite food is fried chicken. Our names are Levi, Nate, Zues, Grody, George, Shay, Aaron, and Stein. Catch us headlining at Woodstock April 57th, 1969. Don’t forget to keep calm, fake a British accent, and eat fried chicken! Enjoy our music!

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 12.43.55 PM.png

Cajon Building Was a Bangin' Hobby!

Two lucky campers got to build two lucky cajons this year at Beber, one each session! The cajon is a Latin American percussion instrument, and very popular for campfire jams and such.

Pictured here is 2nd Session camper Spencer Gertz atop his creation, which features a different musical instrument on each surface, carved in with a Dremel tool and then painted.

Slappin' the bass is so yesterday, slappin' the cajon is where it's at!

Bearing Down on the Cajon!

Bearing Down on the Cajon!

Pro Tools/Logic 101 Hobby Gets Jiggy

We had a lot of fun in our very first Pro Tools/Logic 101 Hobby - dedicated to teaching campers how to record music on their home computers using equipment and software that they may already have, or which is very inexpensive.

Our goal was not to finish a song, persei, but we DID make some beats, which we then manipulated with special FX and plug-ins to make them very unique. So here's a reel of 6 beats, each made by one of our 6 talented Ramot campers - Gabi, Jack, Morrie, David, Izzy, and Oliver. Oh and below that is a drawing we made illustrating signal flow in a recording path. Good stuff!

Drawn by the Pro Tools hobby (aka House Arrest Homies)

Drawn by the Pro Tools hobby (aka House Arrest Homies)

Daniel and Lila

Daniel saw a video of Queen one day and was inspired to create a parody of "We are the champions". He had just won the baseball championship and decided he needed a song to celebrate all his victory and his time at Beber camp. He had a golden trophy and he decided that he needed to tell everyone just how amazing Beber camp was and, at that moment, Lila just happened to walk by. Together they decided to write a tribute to the greatest song ever.

Daniel and Lila.jpg

DS Music

Two girls from the city of Chicago, who both loved music and Camp Beber. Came together to write one of the greatest parody mash up’s ever. They faced many challenges, including uncontrollable laughter, writers block and very loud noisy neighbors. Shayna is a dancer, singer and actress. She also plays the keyboard and sports! Danielle is a softball player, singer, and actress. She also plays the keyboard and other sports! They have been besties for 7 and a half years. They decided to do a mashup of “Little do you know” and “Thunder”.

Beber Camp Music 2018