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This is the website dedicated to the rock bands of B'nai B'rith Beber Camp in Mukwonago, WI. It documents their meteoric rise to fame, legendary recording sessions, and epic concert performances.

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Golden Kidz

Isaac was in world war 1, and he was a beautiful fireball with lots of flowers in tropical paradise and his name was Alexander Hamilton, or for short, Alex Hammie.

Winter was a basketball player, she played in the New York Bebers, but she was kicked out because she couldn’t score at all.

Jasmine was an astronaut and she flew her rocketship into the sun, where a friendly fireball named Alex Hammie met her and asked to hitch a ride. She agreed. They flew together to planet Earth, where they were told there’s a magical place where they make the best music in the world with a great producer whose name is unknown, so they call him Q.

Frustrated by her firing from basketball, Winter turned to her other passion- music. She went to a new place she heard of named Beber. She got there and saw some weird stuff- an astronaut and a fireball covered in flowers. They introduced themselves to each other and then the producer Q showed up, and with the help of his loyal assistant Uri, they made the best song ever about their new home, Beber Camp.

Golden Kidz.png


The party doesn't start till the Fireballz walk in. We are Quinn, Annabelle, Axel, Este, and Olivia and we are the fireballz! We love gymnastics, parkour, coding, dancing, volleyball and making music. We are from cities all over the country, but we all come to beber camp to make our music. We hope you enjoy the show!


Summer 2018


Hey guys, Will Jarvis here! This is a little blog post on our music staff, updates and plans for the summer. I am returning for my 4th summer as the Music Director and 6th summer at Beber. A lot has changed over the years and by far, Summer 2018 is looking to be our most epic summer yet!

I am incredibly lucky to have a sweet mix of fresh and returning staff this year.  Russell
Wiener will be popping in for a week or two for each session, providing unparalleled Rock ’n’ Roll. Hunter Borowick and Charlie Box will be returning for their 2nd summer as mucic staff.  With a summer tour of experience under their belts, they reckon they can blow our socks off with their new German Yodelling Hip-Hop hobby and being able to tell you where AC/DC actually come from.

It is an honor to have Qurban ‘Q’ Shah joining the team.  Q hails from the same university that both Charlie and I attended.  He is fresh off his Popular Music & Technology course and ready to share his knowledge with the campers!

Finally, there is Uriah “Uri” Sharon, our brand new song leader from Israel. He has just returned from the a great music program for Song Leaders, Hava Nashira.  There he learned so much as is excited to bring his talents to provide beautiful music to our services.

We have made some huge improvements to the area. In Crown Hall, we have a brand new sound system, that not only sounds brilliant but also future-proofs Crown Hall. We have also been blessed to have a T-Coil Loop installed. This allows campers/staff with hearing impairments to hear speech clearer than before. I believe this is a huge step in the right direction and further allows us to provide a better experience for everyone. The Recording Stuido (a.k.a The Shred Shed) is seeing some improvements to allow us to provide more space for cabin activities and hobbies. On the hobby side of things, we are coming in with a new program scheme to help provide campers with some essential music tech/teaching skills, this is called the ‘Music Maker’ Program. Our other hobbies will be back too, don’t worry, with new hobbies currently in the pipeline!

It will be an awesome summer I’m sure and can’t wait for you all be with the music team.  We can’t wait to work with the most creative kids that I’ve ever seen!

Jarvis, Out.

Sysco Sisters Deliver the Goods To Beber Camp!

The Sysco Sisters formed with the singular mission of being the #1 purveyors of quality Rock and Roll at Beber Camp, a goal they certainly achieved in their chart-topping run of hits.

Check out video and audio of their performances and recording session below, as well as great photos and an intro vid telling you who they are! MORE VIDEO AND AUDIO COMING SOON!

Beber Camp Music 2018